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Python Flutter

Job Type: Full Time

Positions: Python Flutter

Application Deadline: 30/01/2024

Job Description

Position: Python Flutter

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka


Experience Level: 3-5 years

Primary Skill: Flutter

Core Responsibilities:

  • Develop and deploy complete product features.
  • Break down complex features into manageable tasks.
  • Design scalable mobile app architecture, applying design patterns like composition and inheritance.
  • Implement automation, for instance, using Fastlane for CI/CD and automated screenshot testing.
  • Set up analytics for user behavior, performance, and errors using tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, Sentry.
  • Maintain and ensure scalable architecture and high code quality.
  • Introduce advanced tools like GraphQL federation layer as the product scales.
  • Collaborate in product and design ideation, ensuring the implementation of high-quality features.


  • 3-5 years of experience in high-quality app development, with a minimum of 3 years focused on Flutter for both Android and iOS.
  • Strong foundational skills in programming, writing scalable code, and understanding Flutter and Mobile development.
  • Proficiency in architectural

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3 to 5 years

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