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Senior GCP Data Engineer Jobs

Job Type: Full Time

Positions: Senior GCP Data Engineer

Application Deadline: 09/02/2024

Job Description

Position: Senior GCP Data Engineer Jobs

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Experience Required: 4-9 Years

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Key Skills:

  • GCP Big Query
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Development Background

Job Evaluation Criteria (Candidates must score at least 7 out of 11):

  1. Data Modeling Expertise: Experience in physical, conceptual, and logical data modeling.
  2. ETL Logic Approach: Proficiency in either tool-based ETL logic building or experience with raw coding and stored procedures.
  3. Proficiency in BigQuery and GCS: Self-rating out of 5 in BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage (GCS).
  4. Apache Spark/Hadoop on DataProc: Experience in migrating/building Apache Spark/Hadoop using DataProc.
  5. Query Optimization in BigQuery: Experience with query optimization in BigQuery, including specific methods used.
  6. Apache Beam with Dataflow: Comfort level in handling Apache Beam templates using Dataflow.
  7. Skill Rating in Core Technologies: Self-assessment out of 10 in Python, SQL, and Linux.
  8. Python Expertise: Knowledge and usage of specific Python packages.
  9. GCP Knowledge: Understanding of GCP service pricing, Admin roles, IAM, and Service account management.
  10. On-Prem to BQ Migration: Experience with end-to-end migration from on-premises servers to BigQuery.
  11. GCP Tools Utilization: Experience using SDK, Cloud Shell, or Console in GCP.

Role Summary:

The role requires a Cloud Data Engineer with a strong development background, specifically in GCP BigQuery, SQL, and Python. The candidate should be proficient in data engineering and cloud-based solutions, showcasing expertise in various aspects of GCP, data modeling, ETL processes, and query optimization. The evaluation will be based on the candidate’s experience and self-assessment in the areas mentioned above.
Notice Period: Immediate to 30 Days


Job Information

Preferred Gender

No Preference

Job city




Degree Title

Career Level


4 to 7.5 Years

Skill Set

GCP Big Query , SQL , Python , ETL Logics , GCS , Apache Spark , Hadoop , Linux , SDK , Cloud Shell , Console , BQ , Apache Beam Template , Dataflow , Big Query

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